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William O. Douglas Honors College 40th Anniversary Celebration

As the William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC) turns 40 years old this year, we thank all of the students, faculty, staff and alums who have made and maintained the DHC as a site for exploration, discovery, excitement and fun for so many decades.

The DHC is Central's premier interdisciplinary program for academically talented students. Named for America’s longest serving US Supreme Court Justice, Yakima resident William O. Douglas, the Honors College experience emphasizes critical inquiry, leadership, undergraduate research and civic engagement by integrating residential and co-curricular learning opportunities with academic classroom experiences. DHC students take core honors courses to satisfy Central’s general education requirements as well as completing upper-division seminars and a faculty mentored capstone project.

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Thank you

Your support plays a critical role in the success of the William O. Douglas Honors College. Many of our students are first generation college students, and your generous gifts help to ensure that DHC students have access to the research opportunities, internships, professional and study abroad experiences that help to ensure their success.

Donations are applied to...

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH: the intellectual and creative pursuit of new knowledge or understanding. This includes opportunities to publish and to present original research in conference settings.

LEADERSHIP: the ability to lead a group of people toward a specific goal in a positive manner that promotes direction and not dictation. This pillar includes the DHC mentoring programs.

CRITICAL INQUIRY: the process of asking questions about the world that reveal connections and conclusions, leading to further investigation, inquiry and a stronger research base.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: the consistent involvement in and engagement with local and global communities through acts of service and volunteering; community-based research is a strong component of this pillar.

Supporting students where they need it most

Gifts to the William O. Douglas Honors College Excellence Fund further the programmatic goals of the Honors College by providing resources to support student activities and professional development opportunities. By giving to this fund you are helping students study abroad, complete research in an emerging field, or attend professional national and international conferences.

You give. They stay. A contribution to the William O. Douglas Scholarship Fund will assist in keeping dedicated and talented Honors students in the Honors College and at CWU. Your gift will help an honors student offset their financial need and reward academic excellence. The DHC is committed to the idea that no student should feel compelled to miss out on an opportunity or leave college due to financial constraints.